5 Great Financial Books to Read 

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We are often asked by clients, friends and business associates what is a good financial book to read. As you can imagine there is really no answer to this question as it really depends on your level of base knowledge and what you actually what to read about. Finance is a very broad topic but here are 5 books that we have read and enjoyed.  Read Now


Game Changing Financial Decisions

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Your financial position is  a reflection of the  financial decisions which you have made over the course of your life. Rarely is your financial position determined by one single decision but it can happen such as in the case of a lotto ticket or an inheritance. In most cases a poor financial position is caused by making a series of poor decisions over a long period of time.  Read Now


The Aussie Dream Exposed

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With a recent study from The Economist estimating that our residential property prices are currently around 55 per cent overvalued, Zurich Investment Specialist Elliot Bullock takes a closer look at the driving forces behind the price rises and whether current prices are sustainable.  Read Now


Losing a job

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Losing a job can leave you with a great deal of uncertainty. Whether it is sudden and unexpected or known in advance, it’s never an easy experience. In recent times, a wave of job losses have impacted a large number of Australians with the unemployment rate currently sitting at 5.7%* Losing a job can disrupt.  Read Now


Going through a divorce

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In recent times, divorce and separation have affected many people in our community. Based on recent figures, one in three first marriages end in divorce with divorced persons in Australia increasing by 63% between 1990 and 2000*. This is clear evidence of the ongoing transitions people experience in their relationships.  Read Now

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